Welcome to the Ontology Dynamics Portal

The goal of this portal is to be the home of the ontology dynamics research community, which includes hosting resources such as the series of IWOD workshops, a set of case studies and news relevant to this community.

Ontologies are the pillar of the Semantic Web and of semantic applications. With the emergence of new, more accessible semantic technologies, of new needs from applications and with the raising awareness of their potential, more and more people and organisations have started to develop ontologies and applications of ontologies. However, ontologies, just like any structure holding knowledge and information, need to be updated: changes could be initiated because of a change in the world being modeled; the users’ needs may change, requiring a different conceptualization; knowledge previously unknown, classified or otherwise unavailable may become known; or a design flaw may have been noticed in the original conceptualization.

In all these cases, the representation of our knowledge in the ontology should be modified so as to form a more accurate or adequate conceptualization of the domain. Such a modification presents several difficulties from both the practical and the theoretical points of view, raising a variety of research questions and development issues: How to support the developers of ontologies in maintaining up-to-date, adequate conceptualizations?  How to detect the need for evolution? How to facilitate the integration of new knowledge in ontologies? How to validate and evaluate the impact of the evolution of an ontology? How to handle evolution triggered from multiple sources and collaborative updates? How to keep track of (possibly concurrent) versions of ontologies and ensure the delivery of up-to-date and valid knowledge?

State of the art research work, applications, case studies and systems related to these questions are being collected and discussed on this portal.